New composting scenarios in the circular economy

Learn about our research project on quality assurance, health safety and pollution prevention in community composting, agro-composting and decentralized urban composting.

From ‘waste as a problem’ to ‘waste as a resource’

“Healthy-compost” in sustainable agricultural

The development of circular economy demands high-quality, secondary raw materials that can be fed back into production

In this context, composting is a win-win option that allows for not only reducing environmental pollution derived by open dumping of waste, but also recovering
nutrients essential for crop production, consequently enhancing crop yields and reducing expensive chemical fertilizers usage.

NEOCOMP objectives

The main objectives of this project are:

Assessment of the feedstocks

Assess the different new composting scenarios (community composting, agrocomposting and decentralized urban composting).

Potential benefits and risks

The potential agronomic and environmental benefits associated to compost use will be quantified and validated on soil sustainability, nutrient recovery and plant availability.

Assesment of the processes

Typology of the new composting decentralized models.

Increase plant resistance

Validation of the composts obtained to increase plant resistance to abiotic stress, like drought and warming.

Screening of the final composts

Guarantee the hazard-free use of the compost obtained on their agronomic and added-value characteristics, as well as their absence of human health and polluting risks, with an environmental approach in the framework of the circular economy.

Environmental assessment

Study indicators associated to each composting scenario on climate
change mitigation due to increase of C sequestration, ensuring non-transfer of pollutants to the food chain by monitoring them in the soil-plant system.

>10,000 ton of compost

in 4 years

>2,500 ton of C stocking

emissions avoided

0.5 Million €

value in nutrient recovery

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